AquaGuard Gutter Guard: Protecting and Guarding Your Home

Using a simple and effective design, that is also ideal for water tank collection, AquaGuard can solve all your guttering problems, today!

  • No more leavesFull Gutter Protection & Maintenance

    Sick of cleaning out your gutters? Let AquaGuard take care of that! AquaGuard gutter guard use's a fine mesh that extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, meaning leaves and other debris no longer gathers in your gutters. AquaGuard also offers a full maintenance program so you will never have to risk life and limb to climb onto your roof twice a year to manually empty your gutters!

  • Tank Water System FriendlySee Improvements To Your Quality And Quantity Of Tank Water

    Make the most of your precious and expensive tank water systems! Our award-winning gutter guards are designed so that they improve the quality and quantity of tank water systems. You maximize retention of fresher water during storm season.

  • Bushfire And Storm SafeYour Home Is Safe All Year Round

    Protect your home and have confidence that your home is bushfire and storm safe all year round! With a gutter that doesn’t gather dried leaves or debris you can rest assured that your home is protected all year round. During bushfire season hazards associated with bushfire are reduced. During storm season, your gutters won’t sag under heavy rainfall.

  • Say Good-Bye To Birds, Pests & VerminThey Won't Be Weighing Down Your Gutters Anymore

    Never have to deal with pesky birds, pests and vermin again! Birds can be pests, especially when they’re weighing down your gutters and causing them to pull away from your roof. AquaGuard gutter guards effectively screen out birds, pests and vermin meaning that your high-quality guttering will remain just that!